Thursday, July 12, 2007

Blogs are good for the Soul

I was thinking, perhaps blogging is good for the soul. Maybe not in the sense of salvation, but in the sense of activities of rightness in the world. I was just perusing the last time I posted on my blog, and it was about a year ago. (although I think the date on the post may have been in 2005)
A lot has happened in the last year, very little of which is reflected here.
Perhaps, by using this public space, folks who don't know me as well can see what I think about things, and even I can learn, if I change my views, that I used to hold ideas that now make less sense to me. There is certainly something to be said for accountability, and for introspection, and perhaps I can do that kind of philosophising here. For right now, since this is the kind of structure that appeals to me, I'm going to use this blog to record word-meaning searches, understanding what kinds of interpretation methods exist, and in general, do the same thing I have done in the past, but maybe in a shorter time-frame per post, and more often.

So, in my 45th year, since I just had a birthday, we will see what these new-year resolutions gain. Come join with me, it should be fun. -- Dave